craig-testimonialWhen I began Crossfit, I aspired to be the starting quarterback of my high school team. I had heard from my friend Nico about this place, and he told me it would help me get strong and ready for football. Yet I was only 135 pounds when I joined, and could barely lift the bar. At that time it seemed impossible for me to reach my dreams when I was so scrawny and weak. 

I immediately fell in love with this place. My trainer, Rocco, immediately taught me the proper techniques to lifting, as well as incredibly hard workouts to help me get prepared for my upcoming season. Rocco always designed workouts that fit my needs and helped me build my strength, which helped benefit me to my aspirations. Although I worked with Rocco more closely, all of the trainers helped assist me and motivate me to stick to my goals which helped push me on days when I needed it. They are so friendly and helpful, and without them I would not be the person I am today. 

I have personally done Crossfit now for 3 years, and I still go everyday. With the help of Crossfit La Verne they got me to go from being the weakest player on my team, to being the pound-for-pound strongest person on the team. Without Crossfit, I would not have been able to accomplish my goal of starting at my high school, and now have even helped me get recruited by college teams. Crossfit has changed my life, and I know it can change yours!



chad-testimonialStarting my senior year of high school up until the present day, CrossFit La Verne has provided me with an amazing atmosphere to work on my strength and conditioning. I have been utilizing the gym and helpfull staff to better myself and prepare for the game of college and professional football.

Every off season, I can rely on CFLV to be a welcoming place full of people who want to better themselves. Seeing that explosive lifts are essential for football, I have benefited greatly from the advice that the knowledgeable staff, especially Rocco and Kyle, have given me. The trainers are highly educated and they are always providing athletes with the opportunity to improve. I thank CFLV for all of the support!





tayler-testimonialAt first I was a little skeptical to join CrossFit because I play collegiate softball and I would hear a lot of mixed reviews about how it affects athletes. Many people would tell me that it would be a better option for me after I finished my softball career, while others encouraged me to try it because it would make me stronger for the upcoming season. As a result, I decided to try it out for myself and see what CrossFit was all about.

I attend CrossFit La Verne throughout the week and practice throwing, fielding and hitting on the weekends. Within the first week I will admit that my body felt tired and it was hard to practice. As time went by, I noticed that my throwing arm’s strength had increased which allowed me to throw a softball with more velocity. I’ve also seen a dramatic change in how far I am able to hit the ball. Hitting has a lot to do with good mechanics, but what good is good mechanics if there’s no power to drive the ball. From participating in CrossFit, I noticed a difference in my stamina. Stamina is an important aspect of the game of softball because it is a long game and one has to be energized and ready to go for as long as they’re called to. When I feel fatigued I dig deep and keep going because at CrossFit La Verne no one gives up and my trainers taught me to always do one more rep, even when you think you can’t. This mentality is important to have as an athlete in any sport.

None of the WODs are easy and one has to be focused and have a goal in order to make it through the workout. Not only did I gain physical strength, but I also gained mental strength. I noticed that when I step onto the field and in the batters box I am more focused and determined to make plays happen. I have yet to notice any negative affects from attending Crossfit. CrossFit La Verne is a very welcoming environment with awesome trainers who have encouraged me to push beyond what I thought I was capable of. People made it sound as if I would feel like an old lady after doing Crossfit, but honestly I feel stronger and healthier.


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