CrossFit And Fire Fighting

"Train Like Your Life Depends On It...Because It Does™"

Heart attack is the #1 killer of firefighters. Half of all Line of Duty Deaths is due to heart attack. Firefighters also have a 300% greater risk of heart attack than any other population, and "There have been no substantial improvements in firefighter health over the last 25 years" (2008 Univ. of Indiana Study).

The majority of firefighting tasks included squatting, lifting, pressing, and pulling. Tasks are typically done with 60 pounds of protective clothing and respiratory protection, not including the weight of the hose, ladders, tools, and other implements. Analyses have revealed that these movements and tasks are performed for extended durations, at various intensities. In fact, most of these tasks result in an increased heart rate between 165 to 190 beats per minute for 20 to 30 minutes, without a break.

CrossFit is the perfect workout for firefighters because the exercises simulated fireground functional movements, the workouts are done at firefighting intensity, and the movements are as varied as the emergency call load. The Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) formally introduced CrossFit to many of its academies. The results were amazing! The recruits showed a 14% improvement in their fitness level from week 2 to week 13, indicating an increase in muscular strength and endurance. In addition, 55% of the recruits reduced their body fat percentages. CrossFit has been proven as an effective tool in both their training and fitness programs.

CrossFit For FireFighters

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