CrossFit And Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are required to maintain an above average fitness level.  As a community member, I expect the officer responding to my call for help to be in better shape than I am.  

Faster and Stronger
Today's economy means criminals will fight harder and run faster to avoid criminal prosecution for their crimes.  As has always been the case, law enforcement has to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

The law enforcement academies have finaly realized the benefits of CrossFit.  No longer are the days of doing 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and running 2 miles around a track. After all, when was the last time you saw a police officer do this to catch a criminal?  However, sprinting 50 yards, then negotiating some obsticles, and climbing over walls with 10 yard sprints in between, is more real.

Studies have shown that intense exercise routines make you healthier, stronger and smarter.  Smarter you ask?  CrossFit may not help you with your son or daughter's homework, but it will help you make better decisions, and make them faster.

Increasing your energy levels and eating the right foods, help you to sleep better.  And by sleeping better, you start feeling better.  When all of these things are working together like a well oiled machine, your daily performance is at a premium!

Change The Stats and Change Your Life
The statistics say you are going to die early.  After all, years of eating fast food in between calls, and eating only once in a shift, is bad.  Getting 4 hours of sleep a day because of over-time or court appearances is bad.  Stressing out because you didn't get that promotion is bad.  Excessive belly fat because of the fast food and stress is bad.

Change the stats and make your family and friends happy.  Throw away the "bad" and start CrossFit today to start making good!

CrossFit Law Enforcement


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