WOD / Wednesday, August 22


PVC Stretches


3-Position Power Snatch (power position/hang from above knee/hang from below knee); build to a max 

Rest, then...

AMRAP in 14:00 of: 

60 Calorie Row

40 Toes to-Bar 

20 Hang Power Snatch, 95lbs/65lbs 

Max rep Bar Muscle-ups or Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups in the time remaining. 

Beach Muscles

3 sets of: 

15 Barbell Curls

12 Lying Tricep extensions

30 Strict Anchored Sit-ups


1. Strength/Skill

2. WOD 


3. Gymnastics 

100 V-ups 

EMOM 6 Alternating Pistols

4. Accessories 

3 sets of: 

10 Powell Raises/side

10 DB Cuban Presses

Rest 2:00

Endurance (10:00am) 

2 x 1200m Run

Walk 200m 


3 x 600m Run

Walk 100m

4 x 300m Run

Walk 50m

Rocco Di Jerlando