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1:30 Couch Stretch/Leg 

Squat Therapy 

Every 1:30 x 5 sets:

50 sec Hold facing a wall or post in the bottom of your squat. This may be performed with A) no weight, B) one KB in the front rack, C) two light KBs/DBs Overhead.  Choose based on the maturity of your squat. 

For time: 

25 Hang Power Snatch, 75lbs/55lbs

25 Box Jump Overs, 24”/20”

25 Wall Balls, 20lbs/14lbs 

Rest 2:00 and repeat two more times.


1. Hang Power Snatch 

3 sets x max reps @ 155lbs/105lbs

2. WOD 

3. AMRAP Repeats 

3 x 3:00 AMRAPs of: 

8 Alternating Pistols 

7 Cal Ski 

6 Ring Dips 

Rest 1:00 after each AMRAP

4. Core 

40 Strict T2B *Each break perform 10 GHD Sit-ups 

Endurance (10:00am)

3 x 600m Run; Walk 100m


6 x 30m Heavy Sled Drag; Rest 1:00

3 x 600m Row; Walk 100m

Rocco Di Jerlando